Transition Pathway

The Big Picture

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Person Centred Transition Pathway is here

How did it happen?

 We asked:

 Young people and their families
   “What support do you need to get the life that you want now and in the future?”

  We asked:

 Key people and organisations

     “What would help you to improve transition planning with young people?”

  We listened:

   To what everybody had to say

  The Result:

TRANSITION PATHWAY The Big Picture Work Book Disk

The Transition Pathway Guidance and Tools to support person-centred transition planning with young disabled people aged 13 – 25.

It works.  It can change people’s lives. 

To find out more contact:

          Chris Sholl and Fran Dancyger transitionpathwaypartnership@yahoo.co.uk


Transition Pathway Project 2005